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Experienced in the carpentry trade, I would natually be attracted to Woodworking in any form. So with that said, I decided to promote products around that concept. Woodworking Design Plans.


Retired now, I'm still dedicated to the Woodworking Craft. That's why I search for ideas along these lines to invest my time in and to share with others. The woodworking design plans I come across was right up my alley.

Definitely something I would be interested in, I built this site to promote my passion. Having done this type of work for many years and read many diagrams, I knew I would understand the lay-out in these plans and could share my knowledge with others.

I joined this particular affiliate marketing network, ( clickbank ) because I believe they offer everything that is needed for the beginner to be successful with a new venture and I could benefit from years of experience.

With a variety of affiliate marketing products I was sure I would find a niche that fit my needs ( I did just that ) Promoting a product you believe-in is rewarding in itself.

My goal is to provide a great experience here at Woodworking-Design-Plans.com. I think those of you that are Do-It-Yourself types, will appreciate the quality of these woodworking plans packages.


Glad you could make it by! Hope you'll be please with the products and share this site with others.

If you have any questions concerning this site and its products, don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

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